"Currently residing in Central Florida and willing to relocate."
> Industrial and Systems Engineer
> Quality Assurance Manager
> Quality System Developer
> Over 18 Years' Experience!

Nautique Boat Company (Orlando, FL)
Quality Assurance Manager (Nov 2014 to April 2018) 3 Years / 6 Months
Business Type: Manufacturer of gel-coated resin-reinforced Fiberglass Boats for the Recreational Boating Industry.
Processes: Mold Maintenance, Gel-coating, chopped and knitted fiberglass application, drilling, grinding, assembly, testing.

• Departmental Strategic Planning and implementation.
• Planning, developing, and partial implementation of a Quality System that meets ISO-9001: 2015 standards.
    → On-The-Job Training Time was cut in half when using the Processes and VWI's my team developed under my guidance.
• Managed the design/creation of over 50 Quality System Processes and over 500 Visual Work Instructions.
• Instrumental in the implementation of Lean Manufacturing improvement projects.
• Member of Senior Leadership Team, Integrated Product Team, and the Quality Council.
• Team Leader for Gel-Coat Acceptance Criteria and creation of Production Display Boards.
• Team Leader for Mold Maintenance Project:
    → Included new Processes and Procedures, Integration into QC Software, and Mold Identification System.
Lead Trainer for the Quality System and subsequent testing of Manufacturing and Assembly Personnel.
Lead Internal Auditor: Provided training and guidance to other company internal auditors.
• Managed daily activities of a Quality Engineer, a Supplier Quality Engineer, 14 Inspectors, and many interns.
• Designed, built, and maintained a Local Intranet (internal website) that centralized all Quality System documents.
• Received "2018 Annual Departmental Safety Award" for safe work practices and no recordable injuries for 1-year.
$87,000 total under Departmental Budget for 2015, 2016, and 2017.
Industrial Engineering Services (Ohio, Louisiana, Texas)
1099 Contract Engineer (Jan 2012 to June 2014) 2 Years / 6 Months

AC/DC Electric Motor Manufacturer - Company Name Confidential due to Signed NDA.
Business Type: Manufacturer of AC and DC Electric Motors for Nuclear Power Plants and Military Applications.
Processes: Welding, CNC, armature and stator winding, assembly, and testing.

• Upgraded company Quality System to better meet ISO 9001 requirements.
• Managed the activities of all company personnel with respect to meeting Quality Management System requirements.
• Adjudicated issues that developed within and between departments.
• Participated on Design Changes to products.
• Rejected substandard work and materials and when required, oversaw rework to completion.
    → Evaluated and reported on cause and effect of factory rework and scrap.
Release Authority Sign-Off responsibility on all final products prior to shipment.
• Communicated with customers relative to quality problems, customer audits, etc.
• Created Quality Plans for all old and new motor designs.
Lead Internal Auditor and managed six internal auditors (scheduling audits, documentation, etc.)
Management Representative for the Quality System and all quality related functions.
• Performed Quality System training and testing of employees and evaluated training effectiveness.
• Developed and performed all company Safety Training to annual schedule I created.
• Implemented formal PPE Program, weekly safety walk-throughs, & forklift inspection program.

Partial Customer Base: Flowserve/Limitorque, Buffalo Pumps, Cornell Pumps, US Military, and Nuclear Power Industry.
General Manager reported to me after their ISO Surveillance Audit that my Quality Plans and Quality System upgrades
were positively commented on by the 3rd party ISO Auditor.
Downhole Tool Manufacturer - Company Name Confidential due to Signed NDA.
Business Type: Manufacturer and refurbishment of Downhole Drilling Tools for the Oil and Gas Industry.
Processes: Manual and CNC Lathes and Mills and Hard Metal Application.

» Quality System:
    • Created and maintained complete company Quality System Certification to meet API Spec Q1/TS 29001/ISO 9001 requirements.
    • Lead Internal Auditor - Managed 5 other auditors (scheduling audits, documentation, etc.).
    • Management Representative for the Quailty System and all quality related functions.
    • Performed training and testing of employees to evaluate training effectiveness.
    • Managed and directed the day-to-day activities of the QC Inspectors.
» Safety Program:
    • Created entire company Safety Program to be in compliance with OSHA requirements.
    • Created and performed all company Safety Training.
    • Implemented formal PPE Program and daily Forklift Inspection Program.
    • Performed weekly unannounced Safety Walk-Throughs.
    • Performed Accident Investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective action.
    • Made determinations as to whether or not an injury was OSHA Recordable.
» Expansion Project:
    • Project Manager for company expansion project.
    • Managed the movement of machinery and equipment from recently acquired companies to our primary location.
    • Oversaw new building construction and worked with sub-suppliers on installation of various items.
    • Obtained quotes and worked with vendors to rebuild infrastructure of 2 existing buildings.
» Production Control:
    • Set-up the entire production side of new Global Shop Solutions ERP software.
    → This included creating P/Ns, BOM, Order of Operations, Work Orders, Work Stations, and Work Groups.

Partial Customer Base: Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Titan Oil Tools, Knight Oil Tools, Amega West, Workstrings.
Thank You card from company President praising my work on the new Safety Program which led to securing new work from Schlumberger.
Ovation Polymers a.k.a. OPTEM (Medina, OH)
Quality Assurance Manager (Aug 2006 - Dec 2011) 5 Years, 4 Months
Business Type: Manufacturer of Conductive Polymer Resin Pellets for niche markets.
Processes: Compounding and twin-screw extrusion of polymers based on formulas that included powders and additives.

• Created company Quality System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2000.
Successfully passed initial ISO 9001 audit and 3 annual audits.
Successfully upgraded company to ISO 9001: 2008 during a full system audit.
Lead Internal Auditor - Managed 6 other auditors (scheduling audits, documentation, etc.).
• Monitored and measured company Quality System Processes and reported on at MRB Meetings.
Management Representative for the Quality System and all quality related functions.
• Performed company quality and safety training, tested employees, and evaluated training effectiveness.
• Created company Marketing Tools used at Trade Shows and to ship to potential customers.
Designed and built all company websites including sub-domains and SEO.
Secured our 3rd largest customer when they located us online from Germany.
    → This was a result of my Search Engine Optimization of company websites.

When I asked the company President why he kept giving me work outsite the realm of a Quality Manager,
he said "Greg, when I give you something to do, you get it done, it's done right, and I don't have to worry about it."

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